Metabolic Rate Testing

Understanding our metabolic rate is essential for a basic understanding of how our bodies are functioning and working towards goals. Knowing you MBR is ideal for anyone who wants to further understand their body, and its required calorie intake. A key factor in achieving successful weight loss goals. The test will enable clients to 

accurately know their calorie related numbers, which otherwise would be guessed using general guidelines.





 The test involves continuous capture of your inhaled and exhaled oxygen for 30 minute period, whist you remain inactive. The advanced technology of our MBR machine will do all the hard work with you simply required to come to the test having had a restricted nutritional intake for a 4hr period prior to testing. The whole test time will take approx 1, allowing for the test to be taken and the results to be interoperated and explained. For any more information please don't hesitate to get in contact. 






Who, What and Why is a test suitable for?

  • Problems with achieving weightless goals 

  • Athletic body fat% reduction requirements 

  • Help putting together accurate dietary/ training plans 

  • General metabolic rate requirements understanding 

  • Essential weight loss tool 

  • Gold standard of testing 

  • Accurate bespoke personal metabolic numbers 

  • Easy and clear breakdown of results 

  • Covid safe and aware 

  • Suitable for beginners through to athletes

  • Private, clean testing area