Exercise and Fitness Testing 

From elite athletes, to compleate novices

beFresh offer a variety of exercise testing services, which can often prove essential tools in monitoring and improving your fitness levels. From elite performers to exercise novices, we provide a number of detailed tests from both our private studio; and as a portable service, enabling convenient tracking and monitor of goals. With our primary services being Vo2 Max and Metabolic rate testing, we understand the importance of providing the gold standard of fitness and exercise testing. 

Testing services






Metabolic Rate Testing


Ideal for anyone who wants to further understand their body; and its required calorie intake. A key factor in achieving successful weight loss goals, the test enables clients to accurately know numbers which otherwise would be general guidelines provided for others. The test involves continuos capture of your inhaled and exhaled air for 30 minute duration, whist you sit comfortably in an inactive position.  With minimal effort from you, the test will simply require a control of nutritional intake for a 4hr period prior to testing. An hour should be left for the test to be taken and the results to be interoperated. For any more information please don't hesitate to get in contact. 




Vo2Max Testing

For any regular of keen exerciser who has intentions to take their training to new levels, understanding their Vo2max is imperative.  As well as your overall Vo2max score, the test procedure will be able to tell you your lactate threshold (LT) and applicable heart rate scores; enabling construction of personal target training zones and appropriate techniques. Our tests our predominantly carried out on a treadmill, and normally take 25 mins to complete. Please allow an hour for consent forms as well as interpretation of results at the end. For any more information please don't hesitate to get in contact. 



Portable Testing Services

We are able to offer a portable testing service suitable for your retreat, club, gym or team of players. Please get in contact to find out wether your club has the required space and facilities for the setup of a testing area. Ideal for preseason testing; or a weight loss retreat that have a number of clients that they want to be tested. Please get in contact for specifications and costing of our portable service. Equally please get in contact for further details on becoming a partner/affiliate of befresh. 

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