Pre & Post Natal
Specialist Programme


This is one of the most important times to ensure your body is at it's strongest, beFresh offer very unique services to support you through your pregnancy as well as to help you back to shape after. With specialist qualifications in pre and postnatal exercise, as well as carefully constructed food packages, we are confident we will find the right balance in services to benefit you.


Quite simply we believe the healthier, stronger and more energized you are; the easier your preparations, pregnancy and post pregnancy weight loss will be.

What we offer

Having worked with a variety of different mothers, we understand that each pregnancy is different and every indivuduals requirements are unique. At beFresh will work with you tailor your training to the appropriate intensity, content and frequency too guide you through the various stages of your pregnacy and postnatal experience. Training can be carefully constructed for both; or either of your pre and post phases of pregnancy and is shown to have a number of positive impacts on you and your pregnancy. 

Pre and Post Natal Personal Training
Common goals of pre and post natal clients

Here is an outline of some common client goals and areas working with our pre and post natal specialist will help you strengthen and improve.


  • Weight loss

  • Increased energy levels

  • Core strengthening

  • Postural improvement

Our studio

The beFresh studio offers a very private and unique setting for you to hone in on achieving your personal goals. The 1-1 attention, in a private space with no prying eyes, will ensure you maintain focus and achieve results.The studio also welcomes mums to bring their children, to again ensure the focus is on what we are doing in the studio as well as making it more convenient for you.

Mums facilities

Mum specific facilities in the studio include:

  • Changing table

  • Bathroom facilities

  • Play pen for toddlers available

  • A selection of toys and games


A list of training facilities can be found here


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